Servo Registration

Still using mechanically driven flow wrapping machines? Take a look at our new modular servo upgrade - it's quick and easy to fit, and you will start to save money at once.

DACO's Servo_Reg will significantly increase the accuracy and reliability of your film handling and dramatically cut product changeover times.

By adding a digitally-controlled servo package, you will save expensive engineering resources - any operator can simply select the right program from a menu of up to 20 products. Servo_Reg sets all film parameters and prompts for correct machine settings so the machine is ready for production in minutes.

What is Servo_Reg?

It's a revolutionary servo module designed specifically to fit into existing flow wrap machinery.

What does it do?

Servo_Reg replaces electromechanical registration systems with digitally controlled servos, highly reliable sensors and a unique control system. This provides exceptionally accurate film registration and product alignment which stays in synchronisation for the whole reel.

Why is it better?

Digital control enables an operator with minimal training to change a film roll or set up a new product in minutes, without needing engineering resources, saving hours of downtime over mechanical systems. Servo_Reg can store up to 20 different product set-ups.

What does it save?

Downtime and product wastage. A user-friendly touch screen and simple adjustments means that film can be aligned accurately and rapidly prior to start-up, making a huge saving on film wastage. Once running, Servo_Reg constantly monitors registration marks and automatically compensates for film stretch or print errors and even stops the machine if there is no mark detected. Again, film wastage is cut to a minimum and product loss reduced.

What about installation?

Servo_Reg can be supplied as a kit for your engineers to install. Alternatively, DACO can inspect your machine and install the new module. Often, this can be completed in only one working day to minimise disruption to your production schedule.

Anything else?

Older flow wrappers have usually led hard- working lives. DACO can restore their mechanical condition, upgrade control systems and even completely rebuild all types of machine to meet modern production requirements. The level of service we supply is precisely matched to your needs.