Case Studies

Case Study - Ashbury Confectionery

The quality chocolate product of Ashbury Confectionery has also been touched by DACO’s flow-wrapping expertise.

For many years our aim has been to provide a fast and high quality service to Ashbury Confectionery to ensure product flow and continuity. A desire to assist with their wrapping solutions has engaged our two companies to work together to improve the display appeal of their flow wrapped product.

Ashbury’s chocolate marketing strategy constantly throws up rare challenges in packaging and the need to reduce cost, which is the aim for most companies.

DACO were engaged to replace an existing hand fed multi packing line that ran at speeds of around 35 packs per minute. This area of the operation was very labour intensive and placed speed restrictions on the rest of the line.

We were presented with individual bars from the primary wrapping machine broad side leading. We then transported them into a buffer system passing through a bar counting mechanism, Where we automatically fed the 3 or 4 count automatically into the infeed pitch in preparation to be flow wrapped.

Not only was the new line able to run at speeds of around 100 packs per minute but it required far less man power, supervision and offered a far greater quality wrap.

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